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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hell's Angel connection to Liberal campaign

Donate-Gate keeps growing...

First we learned of Liberal fundraising events masquerading as government meetings, Liberals using Legislative letterhead to help the charade, a government Deputy Minister who travelled on the taxpayer bill to attend the fundraiser(s), and then more information has been leaked to the media of Liberals taking money from charities and government agencies like the Prince George Airport Improvement Authority.

The latest Campbell Liberal Donate-gate scam involves a fomer Hell's Angel from Nanaimo. Liberal candidate Mike Hunter took $1,000 from a former member of the Hell's Angels in November of 2004. The company that gave the money, Alliford Bay Logging Ltd. is owned by Lyle Newton, who told told the Victoria Times Colonist he was forced to quit the Hell's Angels because local businesses and banks would not do business with him.
In 2002 the Campbell Liberal's passed a law preventing political parties from accepting money from charities and government bodies. Since the Liberals passed this law, they have taken in excess of $46,000 and counting ...

In an effort to deflect the issue the Liberals asked Elections BC to do an audit going back ten years. Two problems come to mind with this request, the first being that the law came into effect in 2002 and second, the BC Liberals have squeezed legislative offices like Elections BC of funding.

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