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Friday, May 20, 2005

NDP Budget passed in Ottawa

The NDP should be thrilled to be able to get something done for people and the environment in the Parliament. The NDP have managed to be the party this time out to actually have the House of Commons actually do something.

No playing games, Layton has achieved a better, balanced budget with money for affordable housing, the environment and childcare. Prime Minister Martin is criss crossing the country signing childcare agreements with the Province's as a result of the NDP budget amendments.

The Childcare agreements promised 13 years ago by the Liberals and every election since were never acted on until Jack Layton and the NDP introduced their amendment to the budget. Yesterday was an historic day. Essentially, Parliament has voted on and passed an NDP budget. "One (budget)that's fiscally balanced and that gets something done for people and the environment," Layton told media.

This is in contrast to the BLOC and Conservatives, who have both done everything possible to force an election and or to ensure nothing gets done. Last week the Conservatives introduced a motion to adjourn the house for the day. This meant that no business could take place. They did it the next day as well.

Canadians may not be happy with Martin and each day of testimony at the Gomery Inquiry reveals more allegations against the Liberals, still Canadians have said they do not want the election that Harper wants so badly.

Harper not only wants the election because he thinks the Gomery dirt will help him win an election, he is under immense pressure from the "Defend Marriage Coalition" to do what ever it takes to prevent Bill 38, the Civil Marriage Act from passing, even if that means shutting the house down.

independent Chuck Cadman heard from his constituents over the last two weeks. They made it clear to him they did not want an election now and he responded by voting for the budget. I suspect the Conservatives feel pretty stupid in how they treated Cadman as a sitting Member of Parliament. They allowed him to be challenged for his nomination and he lost that battle. As we all know Cadman was elected and the person who got the Conservative nomination was, who was that person anyway?

Conservatives under Harper are not trusted by many Canadians. They will not be trusted until they stop running moderate conservatives like Belinda out of the party.

The BLOC and Conservatives can continue playing games.

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