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Saturday, May 07, 2005

"which of the two men was off his meds"

The Vancouver Courier thinks Liberal MLA has political death wish

"It is hard to determine, given the circumstances as described, which of the two men was off his meds. Presumably that will come out should the case go to court.
Right now the incident is being considered by a special prosecutor to see if criminal charges should be laid-against the mentally ill person, I presume. As overwhelming as you or I might consider this event in our lives, our intrepid MLA is not one to sit still."
~ Vancouver Courier, May 6, 2005

Lorne Mayencourt keeps dribbling more and more out to the media about his less than valiant effort to save the Westend for the million dollar condo owners. Safe and secure high above, these condo dwellers see nothing until they need a loaf of bread or the perfect square watermellon from Urban Fare at $100 each. Never fear as The Corporal Punisher is leading the Towel Man's squad on the streets of Vancouver. Do these people live in the same city?

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