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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rob Peter to pay Paul

I could not resist. Rob Peter to pay(off) Paul. Neither Peter (Belinda's former beau) nor Paul deserve this outcome. Peter because he is a real conservative and a love struck puppy and Paul because he gets a prize he has not earned.

Saint Belinda, that is what I called her many months ago over the gay rights issue. The Conservatives have lost a real chance at government now that they have lost a moderating voice, one similar to Joe Clark. The Liberals have managed to ensure the next election will be faught not on Gomery as much as it should be, but on trust of Harper.

Ironic actually, the Liberals have betrayed the trust of Canadians, it appears they received thousands of dollars laundered through bagmen and advertising executives yet people in Ontario will vote for the devil they know over the devil they don't.

What are Canadians to do? Perhaps Jack Layton could actually improve the NDP fortunes this time out. Those inclined to ensure Harper is not elected Prime Minister should be looking at NDP candidates in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, parts of Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

That would keep Harper from winning and ensure another minority parliament with the NDP holding the balance of power. This would certainly affect how the Liberals do things and ensure the country is not being held hostage by the BLOC or further americanized under Harper.

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