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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Charlie and Tim pull ahead

Charlie's days of being known as "Landslide" might behind him. Elections BC reports a 27 vote lead now, in the Cariboo that's meat in the freezer!

Cariboo South

Walter Lloyd Cobb BC Liberal Party 6,802 45.53%
Mike Orr Independant 509 3.41%
Ed Sharkey Green Party of BC 799 5.35%
Charlie Wyse New Democratic Party of B.C. 6,829 45.71%

Tim Stevenson turns out to have a dozen vote advantage over Liberal street fighter Mayencourt. In Burrard it's payback time...

John Clarke Libertarian 361 1.36%

Antonio Francisco Ferreira The Platinum Party 26 0.10%

John Gordon Ince The Sex Party 92 0.35%

Janek Patrick John Kuchmistrz Green Party of BC 3,405 12.83%

Lorne Mayencourt BC Liberal Party 11,205 42.23%

Ian McLeod DR BC 77 0.29%

Tim Stevenson New Democratic Party of B.C. 11,217 42.27%

Lisa Voldeng Work Less Party 153 0.58%

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