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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Carole James in Penticton talking to Eric

This is what the election is about. Can you imagine this picture with Gordon Campbell. Carole James brings a new kind of leadership to BC. A common sense and caring approach. She knows first hand the struggles families have in BC today.

This election we choose between four more years of Gordon Campbell or Carole James, someone that can work with everyone. She has made the tough decisions. The difference with Carole James will be she can represent all of us.

In Kelowna Mission, we have Nicki Hokazono looking to represent people here. She was the Chair of the Central Okanagan School Board, the last election she ran in she topped the polls, gathering support from the full political spectrum. She balanced the budget, made the decisions that had to be made.

In BC it's time to take on new leadership, new ways of doing business and elect Carole James. In Kelowna Mission, we need an MLA that will work for us, will take a hands on approach to cleaning up Kelowna General Hospital and work to get a Cardiac Care ward here.

So many other things must be addressed including in our schools and for our Seniors and those living in poverty. Government will have to make some tough choices over the next four years to ensure we balance the budget and improve vital services in healthcare and education and the environment.

I trust Nicki Hokazono and Carole James to do this, they won't do this in a board room, they will make those decisions with all of us. In the open. That's the choice for progressive voters, four more years of Gordon Campbell or Carole James' common-sense and caring approach.

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