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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I think that's actually a fair question

The debate in a nutshell!

Carole James: "which promises are you going to keep and which promises not.

Gordon Campbell: "I think that's actually a fair question."

Addrianne Carr: "She's Right!"

The Leaders Radio debate comes to you next Monday at 8:30 am on CKNW (in the Okanagan on CKOV. )

Local Kelowna Mission debate is this Friday, May 6th on CKOV at 8:30 am. Liberal candidate Sindi Hawkins refused to attend the first debate at a Seniors Centre in Rutland (part of Kelowna) on Monday evening. Her absence was noted. The debate organizer told us she had called Hawkins office several times to see if she would be attending. Hawkins campaign never returned her calls. Hawkins campaign staff told the Kelowna Capital News that she had a previously scheduled family gathering.

You would think Sindi Hawkins would at least tell the Rutland Seniors that she "wouldn't" make it.

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