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Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Grizzly situation

The Grizzly Hunt

It appears some at the Raincoast Conservation Society are not in a very good mood these days. They are upset that Carole James will not promise to ban Grizzly Bear hunting. James has said that she will base the decision on science and not politics, just what the Raincoast Conservation Society has been asking for in the past couple of years.

In fact I believe it is very likely that the science will support a ban on trophy hunting the Grizzly bear. We all know that Ujjal Dosonjh banned the hunt just before the last election. The ban was politically expedient. The end result was that the Liberals were able to overturn the ban based on the way Dosonjh made the decision. The Liberals in order to keep their buddies in the trophy hunt happy then refused to release government data in a useful form for other scientists to review.

It is important that the NDP have and or provide proof needed to ban this hunt. The charge against the NDP by Raincoast is unfounded in the end. Just as they are demanding the current Campbell government give them data Raincoast say they need, they are telling James not to wait for a review of that data, but to short circuit the process.

I will be among many demanding a James led NDP government put in place a scientific study that will see a decision within one year of the party becoming government. The alternative is to vote for the Green party and ensure the grizzly bear hunt will continue unabated for the next four and half years. James has already stated she will put a team together to address this issue quickly.

It is short of lunacy that the Raincoast Conservation society has one standard for the current Liberal government and another for James and the NDP. Vote for the Greens then, and you will kill many more grizzly bears because of the Liberal government squeaking into power.

I support ending the trophy hunting of Grizzly Bears and so do many that support Carole James. If you believe science will tell you it should be stopped then trust in James statement that the review she is promising will lead to the same conclusion very early in her government.

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