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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Happy Day for Liberals?

Voters in Labrador (Happy Valley - Goose Bay) vote today in a crucial byelection that could tip the balance of power in the House of Commons.

The Liberals are hoping to take the seat left vacant when the Liberal MP passed away last winter. The riding has voted Liberal every election since joining confederation except once.

The Conservatives are also hoping to take the seat though that looks unlikely. A win for the Liberals would add one more seat to their minority government, giving them more room to breath and likely ensuring the government will not fall on a confidence bill.

All of this means there will be a budget passed with the NDP amendments, the gay marriage bill will pass and Carly's law will pass, something many conservatives have been pushing for.

The end result is something good will come of this session of parliament. Something will actually have been accomplished.

The budget bill is an example. The work of the NDP to bring forward items that the Liberals have campaigned on for 12 years now and have done nothing to implement. It will be supported by Liberals, NDP and independents.

The Same-sex marriage bill will have the support of the NDP, BLOC most Liberals and a few Conservatives. Carly's law will have support of Conservatives, many Liberals and others.

Results for the byelection will likely start rolling in about 7:45pm est.

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