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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Touche!…the sooner he is defeated

Looks like "Uncle Tom" fits, here is a reply to story on Mayencourt's support for Homophobic Polak in Langley!

"Touche!…Mayencourt’s whacky publicity stunts are a complete embarrassment to most in BC’s queer community. Our community doesn’t want a Republicanesque “Uncle Tom” representing us in Victoria…we want someone who wouldn’t bend over on his/her principles in the name being a “team player”…

Mayencourt should have known before he entered provincial politics that the BC Libs are a party that is too far right to respect the issues of the queer community… jumping into political bed with queer community adversaries was political suicide for Mayencourt and just as in South Africa where black “traitors” went down in flames, Mayencourt having burnt his bridges in the queer community will likely go down in flames also. “Good-bye Uncle Tom!”…”Hello again Uncle Tim!”

another poster to wrote

"Lorne is a disgrace - the sooner he is defeated, the safer the streets of the West End will be - from him!"

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