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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hokazono running for you and me

I would wager that no candidate out there has worked as hard as Nicki Hokazono in Kelowna Mission. I see her everyday, knocking on doors all over Kelowna and the Mission. She has heard from so many people fed up with Sindi Hawkins representation here.

Sindi has spent a fortune on advertising. The name of the game unfortunately is marketing today. A candidate must pay for advertising. Look at the cost of Sindi's two pieces of mail. One is a small multi colour flyer. It says little about Kelowna but you might miss that. She sent one out that was a multi coloured newsprint, all of it lifted from the Liberal central campaign, again little about what our city and the Mission need or want.

Contrast this with Nicki's flyer that was photocopied. It stated what she heard from people living here. What she would work for and what the NDP would do. The biggest piece of interest is that Nicki has said she will meet with anyone, her office would work for all. That would be a change here in Kelowna. For the last four years, if you called Sindi's office you got the answering machine. If you went to the office, chances are it was locked.

Sindi has over 100 big signs and likely over 1,000 small signs cluttering up the city and they were all made in Vancouver. Nicki's signs, all 300 small signs, were made right here in Kelowna. They standout, they do what they are supposed to do.

Sindi will outspend Nicki Hokazono by two to one, Her free communications help in the past has come from the likes of Greenaway and associates, this time, who is it? They likely are looking for the same award Greenaway got. $12,000 of taxpayer money to write a 15 minute speech for Sindi.

This may sound corny, but Nicki really is running for people. Not to pay off the mighty and elite.

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