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Friday, May 13, 2005

Kelowna, you are kidding right?

No, we are not ...

What's Happening in Kelowna?

Something strange is going on here. Really different than has been experianced for many years, perhaps not since the the late 1950's when Owen L Jones was a CCF Member of Parliament for the Okanagan.

Nicki Hokazono and John Pugsley are contenders in this election. The missing in action MLA Sindi Hawkins formally Minister of Health Planning and former Brian Mulrony MP, Al Horning are running for the Liberals.

Hawkins is taking a lot of heat for several things, her support for privatising the Highway (do you remember which one?), closing of long term care beds, families paying $5,500/month for a seniors care out of their pocket, turning the first rate pathology services in Kelowna into a huge boondoggle involving the Lab Corp of America, allowing the chaos at Kelowna General Hospital to get worse, where it is only by the grace of god and or good luck, no one has died waiting in the overcrowded emergency room. She has refused to attend any debates.
"We now have co-ed seniors long term care units and hospital patient rooms. Imagine a 85 year old woman who has spent 55 years with one man and then being placed in a room with three other men to live out the last years. It has happened here."

Horning is a different kettle of fish, he belongs to any and every club in Kelowna yet what has he accomplished?

The people at the door here are saying not Liberal, not Sindi.

On May 17, if you are betting with friends on the dark horse, this one is under the radar. Choose Kelowna Mission or Kelowna Lake Country. I am not kidding! Green, not here though some Liberals seem to be supporting them as they are not happy with Sindi.

Progressive voters in the Okanagan are supporting Nicki and John as the best way to ensure we do not have four more years of Gordon Campbell.

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