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Sunday, May 15, 2005

James gains acceptance during BC election campaign

Carole James has turned out to be a political force. The Liberals have been trying to paint her with scare tactics and a negative campaign. It has not worked. If you were to ask people in BC who you trusted, who has integrity, who would best look after people, James wins hands down.

She has spent the last 18 months travelling BC, listening to people. She is now delivering on what she heard first hand especially out here in the Heartlands, now commonly referred to as the "Hurtlands".

It is time for a common sense and caring government and James is scaring the heck out of the BC Liberals. Try as they might, they can not paint a negative image of her. You go Carole!

CAMILLE BAINS Macleans magazine

VANCOUVER (CP) - British Columbia's election campaign has seen NDP Leader Carole James go from a mystery woman to what some experts believe is a viable political force.

James' quiet confidence is also in stark contrast to the in-your-face style B.C. voters are used to. More Here

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