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Friday, May 27, 2005

Campbell's Cabinet speculation

Jordan at Langley Politics started this one. His two picks for Cabinet are below ...
If *I* were Premier (Heaven help us all), I'd leave Rich Coleman in as Top Cop, and give Mary a shot in Advanced Education.

I would be okay leaving Rich Coleman where he is, its clear he will be in cabinet. As for Mary, I hope she doesn't make it. After Surrey who knows what she could do to a province wide educational system. God help us.

As for some other picks, I suspect Carole Tayor will get a People ministry, likely Children and Families. They need a new face and she has some political capital that could be helpful here. Wally Oppal will get the job he was promised when he joined the BC Liberals, he will be the new AG.

The key person to watch will be John Les of the Fraser Valley. This guy is after the Premier's job. He has it is reported a whack of cash stored away for this effort and Campbell may want to bring him into Cabinet to ensure he keeps his enemy closer to him. Maybe Human resourses would keep him busy and away from the politics for awhile.

Minister of Labour will be a challenging position this time out, who will that be?

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