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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"it's no wonder young people don't trust the Liberals."

"Woons says this "lack of ethics" is one reason he left the Young Liberals to join the NDP. "The Gomery inquiry, Campbell's promises he never intended to keep, it's no wonder young people don't trust the Liberals." Williams Lake Tribune, May 17, 2005

Liberals are in trouble in Cariboo South and Cariboo North. First Liberal MLA, Walt Cobb tells a nursing student to "I would not want you looking after my Mother" and then the ever loud Steve Wallace (He was like that when he was my high school driving instructor) tells a heckler to step up front and I will take you on.

The Cariboo like their MLAs to tell it like it is, to be fiscally conservative and socially responsible. Walt had the Prenmier in town last week and did not invite the Salvation army to meet him. Seems the head of the local do gooders group was scornful of the Liberals saying many people have been hurt by the Campbell government.

Up in Quesnel, Steve (I was the Mayor you know) is in tough to hold off the NDP candidate, a former Liberal party member and worker, Businessman Bob Simpson. Bob is another straight shooter, though some what more tactful that Wallace.

David Zirnhelt was the man the people voted for. Today, it could well be Charlie Wyse will be chosen to represent the community. Wyse's years as the fiscally conservative keeper of the bank accoint for the City of Williams Lake will go along way to helping him win today.

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