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Friday, May 13, 2005

"...misinformation that we see from Campbell"

Gordon Campbell is telling fibs again. This time he and his team have sunk to a new low. The Liberals are scaring our seniors with outright "mistruths" as Rafe Mair would say ...
Carole James: "... we've also seen him put out the inheiritance tax which is scaring seniors. It is typical of Gordon Campbell - meanspirited, doesn't care about seniors, doesn't care about children and education, and plans to do that attack for the last few days of the campaign."

Rafe Mair: "Let's talk about estate taxes, I don't know where you stand, but I know where a hell of a lot of your party stands - they can't wait to get at my money as soon as I croak."

Carole James: "In fact, that's not true. People see my platform - it's very clear, there's no increase in taxes, no inheiritance tax, it's a bad policy for British Columbia, and again it's part of the misinformation that we see Gordon Campbell doing...." - Rafe Mair Show, May 13, 8:35am

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