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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Special prosecutor needed again for Liberal

Lorne Mayencourt is under a cloud at this moment for his "tangle" with a street person and now a second Liberal has "offered" a job to the unemployed industrial electrician after he was allegedly assaulted by a campaign worker of Bruce's.

The Provincial media are not reporting on the incident in Chemainus. Bruce is getting the free ride here for some reason. Why would the press be so kind to Bruce? Bruce is well liked by the press gallery folks. He is always quotable, and it is paying off today.
On May 8, at a Gordon Campbell campaign stop in Chemainus, BC, a Graham Bruce campaign worker allegedly assaulted a protestor. On May 9, while RCMP were actively investigating the alleged criminal assault, Graham Bruce issued a news release offering employment to the alleged victim on behalf of the alleged perpetrator.

"It is absolutely inappropriate for a Minister of the Crown to tamper with a police investigation, and that includes offering a benefit to the victim," said MacPhail. "The news release issued by Mr. Bruce provides overwhelming evidence that Mr. Bruce has done just that."

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