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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It’s an Honour to Work With You

If you need another reason to vote for your NDP candidate today, I can think few better than Corky Evans. Corky has posted this message to voters today. This what politics should be. This is what Carole James is bringing to BC Politics. Not only an honour to work with people, but honourable people standing with people.

It’s an Honour to Work With You

I am writing this letter on a pad of paper balanced on my lap, in Sandy's car somewhere a few hours from home. We are returning from a day and a night helping another constituency rally support for their e-day push.
"I think, in many places we are going to win. We prepared for this time. We have a strategy and jobs to do and people to do them."
Come what may I promise you that democracy will be restored to British Columbia over the next 24 hours. There will be a government and an opposition and that will be good for all people everywhere.
"I cannot tell you which Party will govern. Even the high- priced help at Liberal Headquarters does not know the answer to that question. Our Party is close enough in the polls to their Party that young people, alone, could change the outcome of the election should they decide to vote in mass."

I always liked a rock and roll song by the Jefferson Airship that said "We built this city out Of Rock and Roll." And now I am thinking that We built this election out of the music that comes from our hundred objectives all playing at once to make a movement, again, out of a political party.

Enjoy the moment.
Deliver the voters to the moment of their empowerment.
And stand back now and then to see the play unfold and be joyful.

An Enormous Opportunity for Young Voters

We know from Elections BC that there has been an increase in voter registration on average province wide of 25%. A good number of those are likely young voters - thanks to the Get Your Vote On, Rock the Vote and STV campaigns.

I think that the youth vote could change the course of this election provincially. If what I believe may be true, what an enormous opportunity it is for young voters in this Province. They have always felt disenfranchised and believed their votes don't count. This time, those votes could very well be the deciding factor in putting a change of government within reach.
"The media are all claiming that Gordon Campbell retains an 8% hold on power. They think this because they phoned 600 people in the Province who told them how they intended to vote."
There are millions of citizens who don't talk to pollsters, they don't own a phone or they work at too many jobs to be home to answer the phone or they don't talk to polling companies.

Those people, the people the pollsters ignore, could change the government in B.C. on Tuesday. Please tell your friends.

Please tell everyone you know that this time they could wake up having elected a government.
"Citizens can register at the polls.
There is nothing stopping us but us.
I will not tell you how to vote.
Y ou know how to get rid of Mr. Campbell.
I ask only that you believe in your power. "

Thank you!


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