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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

He doesn't get it ~ Courier on Mayencourt

Growing homelessness populations in Kelowna, Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Vancouver, Nanaimo ...

"The only person on the planet who doesn't seem to get it is Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt. His view is that people who are driven to desperation should be punished. The champion of the Safe Streets Act says panhandlers are neither mentally ill nor homeless. Police and others who know the people and the streets say that legislation misses the point." ~ Vancouver Courier editorial, May 2, 2005

Housing, income and treatment are what we need, not harassment.

The government failure to act is appalling, Lorne reflects the Liberal government's position well. Round up the folks and take them to the city border. Those feelings are expressed here in the Okanagan among the supporters of Liberal MLA Sindi Hawkins. For Sindi's part, she doesn't talk to the folks that run agencies trying to deal with the problems.

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