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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kelowna voters speak out today

It has been a facinating election here in Kelowna Mission. People are not happy with the local MLA, Sindi Hawkin's lack of representation. It is hard to beleive, but we had the Minister of Health Planning as our MLA, someone who should have some clout in Cabinet. Yet Kelowna General Hospital is in such a terrible state, staff people have been in tears when talking about the work the do, the lack of dignity for seniors and others using the hospital, their effort to treat everyone as they should be is challenged everyday with the cutbacks.

From Castanet today...
Letters to the editor;

Green Voters should elect NDP candidates to stop Campbell.
"The Green type voters who have the power to change to the NDP will decide this

Liberal MLA in Kelowna Mission Missing In Action

"... she (Sindi Hawkins) has been "invisible " during her term in service"

"I resent that her office, to this date, has declined to contact me to comment on this issue. I wonder how many more of her constituents with opposing opinions were given the bum's rush during her term in office."

One-Sided Approach Running Province
"Users fees have increased making everything from going to campgrounds, paying double the price for medical premiums or getting an eye exam so expensive that I for one have not felt as though extra money in my pocket is something I can say has happened. I watch this election unfold and wonder what will be left of British Columbia after another 4 years of this one-sided, self interested approach to running our province."

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