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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Did Mayencourt ...

ever put the gloves on?

Lorne sent me and others an email when the election was officially underway, The Gloves are On, it screamed! Amazing really as I did not know he had any. From shouting at a woman at a forum to "shut her mouth" to beating his creditors, to chasing street people down Westend alleys he has history of fighting. He forgot who he should be fighting for however. Four years of being Campbell's man in Vancouver-Burrard he passed legislation and budgets that hurt many in his constituency.

Mayencourt need not think all was lost, his girlfriend Mary Polak seems to be on her way, so Lorne can still get a visitors pass for the Legislature.

What took McMartin so long.

The has finally moved Vancouver-Burrard into the likely NDP column. Be daring Will, go out on the limb. Lorne Mayencourt lost soon after he won last time. Campbell's coat tails are not pulling anyone this time and Tim Stevenson, my former boss is on his way back. He is well liked and was one of the hardest working MLA's I have ever known.

Now McMartin should have a look at the Okanagan, some real surprises coming here.

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