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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Republican Jesus - Its real!

Okay so it may not be. I came across this blog and it is hilarious! It has a disclaimer ...

"This is political satire. Everything posted here should be understood in that
In one post, The Battle Hymn of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders is a fabulous ditty pointing out the troubles of the Republicans. The song should be sung to the tune of the Marine Corps Hymn ...

Our George was safe - he made the Guard
And Rush had a sore ass;
Deferments saved Dick's butt five times
But not the working class;
In the dorms of far-off college quads
A light year from the war
You will find us cursin' Democrats

One Hundred-One Keyboards. more here

From that to ...


Hurry Rapture
Come to daddy
Come to save America
Praises be to our sky daddy
He’s the bomb that’s on the bus
Millions waiting
For the Rapture
Maxing out their credit cards
Getting ready for a slaughter
God’s a killer you can trust
more here

Jesus' General is a place to go to ease your soul!

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