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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fear our Children will talk to us

It happens every single day. Here in Canada, in the United States and around the world ...

I shut my mouth again. At that moment it felt as though my world had come crashing down around me. I was crushed. My mother, who I loved with all my heart, was telling me that she would no longer love me if I was gay. The woman I’d known my entire life would have nothing to do with me if I was gay. This was going so horribly wrong.

“No Mom”, I finally replied, “of course I’m not gay. I suppose what I meant to say was that I haven’t found the right girl yet, and probably won’t, for some time. So stop bugging me about getting a girlfriend. It’s annoying.”

“So you’re not gay, then. So you just haven’t found the right girl yet.”

“Yes Mom.” I said quietly. “And don’t go around spreading what we talked about like you usually do okay?”
- Out of Control, July 19, 2005

So many teens, so many adults and then they become married men, pushed deep and deeper into closets. Head over to Out of Control and provide some support, let him know many gay and straight people support him.

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