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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alternative News Sources

Today with mainstream media more than ever before in the hands of so few, (Canwest owns BCTV, the Vancouver Sun and Province and National Post) finding alternative views has been difficult. One source I refer to often is The Gazetteer. Ross publishes opinion in well thought out and researched pieces. A good alternative source to the main stream "pro-campbell press".

PEJ NEWS, a free service that provides both original material and republished stories often missed or buried on page D19 in the big media. PEJ NEWS is a progressive site where you will find news on peace, environment and justice issues in BC, Canada, the USA and internationally. Check out Peace, Earth and Justice News (PEJ NEWS).

Along the side of this space you can see a news feed from My Blagh News. This is a new service developed to provide views from the left.

Check out the following story from The Gazetteer

The High Cost of Being Poor in B.C.

A while back we noted that Will McMartin scored a TKO when he called out third string Liberal Hackmeisteress Judy Virk for her extremely misleading statements about Commander Campbell's changes to the tax system in the province of British Columbia.

Essentially, Mr. McMartin destroyed Ms. Virk's argument by pointing out how continued tax swindles for the rich are rapidly moving us from a progressive to a regressive tax system. McMartin subsequently laid this all out, in convincing detail, in the pages of the Tyee.

Go to The Gazetteer for more...

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