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Monday, March 07, 2005

Police chastise Vancouver-Burrard Liberal MLA Mayencourt

Update 1: March 7, 2005 Mayencourt's Citizen's Arrest has some dire news for Mayencourt

Campbell Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt received exceptional support from the government when his anti-squeegee kid private member's bill became law. Will Campbell stand by his man when police, and possibly crown counsel, report on Mayencourt's attempt to make a citizen's arrest of a panhandler? Read more

Police chastise Vancouver-Burrard Liberal MLA Mayencourt

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Vigilante action against aggressive panhandlers is the wrong solution, police say. "It's a matter of safety," . "It doesn't make sense to be confronting these individuals. If you're fearful of them, or if they're making threatening remarks or gestures, just walk away, call the police, call 911, and we'll do our best to get there." - Const. Howard Chow, Vancouver Police as reported in the Vancouver Sun today

Police are warning the public not to follow the example of Vancouver-Burrard MLA Lorne Mayencourt.
Mayencourt, the Liberal who initiated the Safe Streets legislation that outlaws aggressive panhandling and squeegee kids, is sporting a cut cheek after an altercation with a panhandler outside a cafe in his West End riding.

Mayencourt is a desperate politician these days, grabbing anything he can to keep from falling any further behind the NDP in Vancouver-Burrard. You don't need to take a poll in this Vancouver riding to know Lorne Mayencourt is trailing NDP candidate Tim Stevenson. Ask people on the street or in the coffee shops what they think of the Liberal MLA and you get some strong reactions. Few people step up to defend him, most see him as ineffectual at best especially within the large gay community.

After the Police advised the public against vigilante action, Mayencourt told the Vancouver Sun, "That's good advice." What else could Mayencourt say. He is wearing more than a cut to his face.

What is an aggressive panhandler according to Vancouver police. Const. Howard Chow told the Vancouver Sun ...

"It's somebody who's in your face, who doesn't permit you access, who's threatening, who may actually start pushing you or shoving you out of the way or preventing you from getting past."

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