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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Unhappy Westend Partyboi asks the right questions

Lorne Mayencourt - Photo from Lorne's Blog

"Why aren't the social workers, psychiatrists, Human Resources people and all the other official assistance professionals walking the streets, trying to find out what the residents need and what's missing from their services? " Statement by Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt better known as the Westend Partyboi.

Good questions Lorne and I have some answers, 1. Your government cut the numbers of Social Workers, Human Resources and the funds for emergency assistance. 2. BC Housing used to be able to work to find housing for some of these people, they had staff and a budget, that's been cut back by your government. 3. Community agencies that were building non-profit housing to meet the need no longer get provincial money as your Government has stopped building "social housing" with the exception of Woodwards building.

Not one social housing project has been started by your government in Vancouver-Burrard which wasn't already underway by the previous government.

Lorne discovers the following: "The residents down here aren't bad people or aggressive, they're just poor, and the real crime is that they're not getting any breaks."

True to form, Lorne is perceptive, right questions, displays compassionate understanding. Just one question for you Lorne, "Why have you not raised these concerns in the Legislature?


Anonymous said...

what a loser

Gazetteer said...

What has happened to BC Housing in the first Campbell term should be a massively ruptured Achilles Heel for this Govt.

Not only have no projects been started in VancBurrard, many have actually been pulled throught the Lower Mainland, and I would think throughout the province.

One particularly egregious example was a project that was to be built on the UBC Endowment Lands, using crown land extracted explicitly for a Co-Op that was to be funded by BC Housing.

Of course that support was pulled, the Co-Op was shut out (even after it secured private, non-gov't financing), and the land has now become a cash-cow for Amacon known as 'Liberta'.

btw...of course the UEL is in Vanc Pt. Grey, Mr. Campbell's riding.

Anonymous said...