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Friday, February 18, 2005

Federal Govt. balances Campbell's budget!

"The tax cuts did not pay for themselves, but grants from the federal government, higher regressive taxes and natural resource revenues not only offset losses from the tax cuts but accounted for $2.6 billion more in revenue. Watch Campbell try to spin that as good management." - BC Liberals are not Effective Managers

We knew Gordon Campbell and his Liberal government were making it up as they went along and Stacey Robin Smith helps point that out. Check out Smith's post on the New Provincial Budget.

BC Politics is going to get very interesting from now to May 17, election day. Have you registered to vote?

Go to Elections BC and you can do it on the internet! It is that easy. Make sure you have either your driver's license or social insurance number (you need the last 6 numbers) and your postal code. BC ID will will not work.

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