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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Pennies for Legal aid - Broken Promise #13

Broken Promise #13

BC's AG, Geoff Plant has announced $4.6 million in additional money for legal aid to improve legal services to the poor, women, and immigrants.

History: In opposition, before the last election the Liberals demanded more monies for legal aid.

The Liberals cut Legal Aid in their 2002 budget by 40%, a cut of $34 million. The Legal Services Society passed a motion of non-confidence in the Attorney General, an unprecedented move.

To the AG's credit, he did admit that the the cuts would hurt women and poor citizens;
"We won't maintain the level of service. I expect there will be people who will have an even harder time finding access to justice than before." (Vancouver Sun, Jan 31 2002)
Add insult to injury, the money is for one only and Plant has confessed the funding was provided at the request of the federal government.

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