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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

HEU re-signs members Campbell contracted out

Another Broken Promise of Campbell's Liberals - Broken Promise #1

The Labour Relations Board has certified the HEU to represent 700 employees of US-based Aramark. The company is contracted to provide cleaning services at 32 facilities in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

The decision took nine months due to a dispute with the IWA and Aramark.

Since Novmeber 1500 employees of contracted services have voted to join HEU.

All the work these new members of HEU are performing was previously done by HEU members that were laid off by the Campbell Liberal Government. Prior to the last election, Gordon Campbell told the HEU it would respect contracts signed by the union with the government.

Campbell broke the promise. Gordon Campbell and the Liberals voted to allow Health Authorities to lay off union members and contract out the work they preformed. Broken Promise #1

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