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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

BC Health Minister tells a whopper

Health Minister Bond

The BC Minister of Health Services said on February 9, 2005

"We currently have shovels in the ground on an additional 2,700 units," Bond said.

She estimated the government will have provided 170 new intermediate and long-term care beds by May.

How many of the shovels are really in the ground. The Ministry of Health Services has no idea themselves yet the Minister knows. Former Minister Collins, now Finance Minister never could tell anyone how many care beds were being built. Now as we approach the election the Liberals are admitting they failed.

Trust us they are saying, we told a whooper when we asked you to support us in the last election but we really will build the additional care beds this time.

I bet there are a few projects running like crazy right now to get those 170 care beds the Minister refers to above completed by May. Overtime paycheques coming?

I want to know where the shovels are in the ground around the province the Minister mentions. I suspect from past experiance, its likely a WHOOPER.

Carole James, leader for the NDP said Monday, February 14, 2005

"Gordon Campbell knew precisely how much it would cost to fulfill his promise to seniors - he put the number in his 2001 candidate briefing book," said James. "But he betrayed seniors and budgeted far less than was needed, adding over $582 million to the budget surplus while leaving thousands of seniors without care."

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