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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Campbell Liberal Government Whooper Budget

The Campbell Liberal Government Whooper Budget documents

More Updates coming soon

The budget reads like a repeat of the Liberals' 2001 "A New Era" document, the document that so clearly tells us how the Liberals have lied to BC Residents.

The cut of $40 million to MSP premiums comes after a $350 million increase in those premiums.

Over 100 schools have been closed, lunch programs, music and arts classes cut and librarian and counsellor positions eliminated. All of this makes today's announcement of increased funding pale in comparison.

$881 million has been chopped from the combined budgets of the Children and Family Services, Employment, and Community and Aboriginal Services ministries again since they were elected almost four years ago.

The Liberals promised they wouldn't privatise BC Rail, they would honour union contracts, build 5000 care beds for seniors and reduce waiting lists.

For the record: BC Rail privatised, Union contracts for over 100,000 health care workers ripped up and thousands of workers laid off, wait lists have increased in almost all areas of health care, and not more than 170 more care beds were created, far short of the 5000 they promised.

is about to see the unravelling of the Liberal Whooper list.

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