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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Broken Promise #5000 update 3

Premier Campbell's broken promise of more long-term beds matters to John Johnson and his family. With proper planning, 5,000 additional long-term care beds would have improved seniors' care in BC.

Gail and John's story

But because of the BC Liberals' failure to keep their word, John and thousands of other British Columbians have had their lives turned upside-down.

In 2001, John was comfortably settled and thriving at Parkholm Lodge in Chilliwack . His wife and daughter were thrilled with the capable, compassionate staff and comfortable, stimulating environment of the recently renovated facility.

That would soon change.

In Spring 2002, the BC Liberal government rolled out a different plan for seniors' care – one that included bed cuts and facility closures. Health authorities moved quickly, shutting down long-term facilities and relocating vulnerable residents.

In Chilliwack , despite widespread community opposition and months of public protest, the Fraser Health Authority closed Parkholm Lodge, displacing John and the other residents.

John – active and engaged at Parkholm – was transferred to Chilliwack General Hospital in early 2003. It was the only local bed available.

His daughter Gail remembers her father's reaction to leaving Parkholm. “When Dad went into extended care, he closed his eyes and didn't open them for two days."

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