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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Broken Promise #5000 update 4

The Liberals promised a big increase in seniors’ long-term care beds, saying it was urgently needed. They haven’t delivered. In the Northern Health Region, no beds have been added over the past four years. The situation - despite the campaign promise - is even bleaker in the rest of the province.

The Northern region had 1,019 care beds when the Liberals took over. Since the election it has closed 127 beds, mostly residential care, which provide more intensive medical support. It has opened 130 assisted living beds. After four years, the net result has been no practical increase.

Overall, the Liberals promised a 20-per-cent increase in the number of available beds by 2006, or 5,000 additional beds. But in the Interior Health Region today there are actually 333 fewer beds - a loss of about seven per cent.

From the Quesnel Cariboo Observer, Feb 20, 2005

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