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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kelowna-Mission Nicki Hokazono "won't be fooled"

Kelowna-Mission NDP candidate Nicki Hokazono hopes British Columbians won't be fooled by the new liberal budget: careaboutpeople_.mp3.

Hokazono says the budget comes nowhere near talking about how the government plans to increase the number of long-term care beds for seniors.

333 care beds have been lost in the Interior since Campbell and local MLA Sindi Hawkins promised 5000 new care beds in the province. Hawkins was Minister of Health Planning for two years, the Ministry in charge of putting the plan together to create the 5,000 beds.

The number of care beds available in Hawkins riding of Kelowna-Mission has also fallen. Hokazono, former school trustee will be Hawkins rival in the upcoming election. Kelowna has long been a right wing bastion. The signs this time around show the Liberals are losing their grasp on the Fortress Kelowna. Could the Okanagan actually elect an NDP member?

It won't be easy, if it happens here, Carole James will be Premier.

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