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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Langley thinks Lorne Mayencourt smart - Film at 11?

It appears we have made a new friend in the Heartlands. Whoops it seems that word is out of fashion. Anyway back to the new friend, it is Jordon. He mentions this site which is great. I certainly enjoy his. Somehow Jordon has come to a conclusion that Lorne Mayencourt the Westend Partyboi is bright. Lorne may be bright, he just hasn't showed anyone in Vancouver Burrard or elsewhere for that matter.

Here is what Jordon had to say ...

I've had a chuckle over NDPer Rick Barnes' stuff today. In this blog, he mentions that noted homosexual MLA Lorne Mayencourt was rabidly pro-Polak in the Surrey by-election. This indicates to me that maybe Mary's much ballyhooed book stand wasn't as unreasonable as we've been led to believe by the press and left wing.

Lorne's a smart guy, and must have talked with Polak on the issue. Why show his support? This, combined with Kim Richter's favourable comments to me on the same topic after speaking with Mary, makes me wonder what the real story is. I'll have to ask Mary when I interview her next week.

See, Lorne is not someone that can speak for queer issues. He has proven that over the last four years very well. You almost get the feeling when he does speak to people and is not on his cell phone, that he is saying, "I feel your pain".

No Lorne is all Partyboi, beit in the westend clubs or million dollar condos, or in the Legislature. His support for Mary Polak is pretty straight forward, Campbell wants her so Lorne jumps in and offers to use his cell phone anyway she likes. Polak is the number one homophobe likely to run in the next election and win. She can then challenge Gambling Kevin Krueger for the title in the Liberal caucus.

I am dying to find out what Mary says, maybe Jordon could ask her about Ted Nebbeling calling Lorne on supporting Polak’s campaign. Jordon might also ask Lorne's new fling if she knows of his promise to make good on a bankruptcy. Hope he did, would like to think he would. Always good to get these things out of the way before sharing a vibrating cell phone.

From Xtra West:

Imagine my surprise when on the night of the by-election, after the voting was done, BCTV legislative reporter Keith Baldrey told his viewers that Liberal caucus members were fighting amongst themselves about the Polak choice. According to Baldrey, out Liberal MLA Ted Nebbeling stormed out of a government caucus meeting sometime this fall, while calling the other out Liberal MLA—Lorne Mayencourt—a hypocrite for supporting Polak’s campaign.

Note: Anyone unfamiliar with Lorne may wonder why the references to his cell phone. Rumour has it his telephone vibrates more than... Perhaps someone will soon release information from an FOI request for his phone records.

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