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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lorne's new fling, Mary Polak impressing some in Langley

Seems Lorne's girlfriend Mary is doing okay in Langley. Jordan at Langley Politics says tonight she had the best speech at an all candidates meeting.

Jordan ranks the speeches in this order: 1. Mary Polak 2. Steve Ferguson3. Penny Kirkpatrick
4. Bill Brooks - 5. Sandra Hulbert 6. Zosia Ettenberg

Here is an example of the reporting from Jordon on the meeting:

Then the abortion questions came out. Penny, Mary and Steve stated that they are all pro-life. The rest stated they were pro-choice. The stone cold stunner question of the night came from awoman who asked this question of the pro-lifers: if a 13 year old girl was raped, would you deny her an abortion?

Yikes. I don't care what side of the issue you're on, there's no way to answer that one to everyone's liking. Anyway, Penny mostly just bumbled her way through an answer. Fergie said that it was an impossible question to answer. He wouldn't deny that girl her legal right to an abortion, but would make sure that she was offered every other option available. Mary said that what women really need in that situation is all the support they can get. However, she has heard from women who have had abortions that in retrospect did think that was the best solution to their individual situation.

Polak puts the lie to the Liberal party claim to being middle of the road. Her views on a woman's right to choose, gays and education would be welcomed in deepest Texas. Stephens compared to Polak looks like Libby Davies, the popular NDP Vancouver MP.

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How is Lorne, the gay liberal MLA for Vancouver Burrard Mary's girlfriend? Find out here and no, last I heard Lorne did not become Mary's girlfriend after enrolling in Exodus