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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Conservative Elements taking over America, Hypocracy rules the Holy

Conservative Elements taking over America, Hypocracy rules the Holy

Conservative elements in society love the Fox Network, a network standing up for their values, for a decent America with out single moms, same-sex marriages or poverty. The Fox Network is a world filled with manly pursuits like the Iraq War, the Super Bowl and the scantily clad cheer leaders are beautiful examples of God's work, though don't let Johnny stare too long. It's natural for a boy to want to see them and its part of America.

The hypocracy drips off these people, they condem Howard Stern and then rationalise Rush Limbaugh's equally mean spirited attacks as he is doing God's work, the end justifies the means.

They endorse teaching children to repect differences as long as it has nothing to do with accepting gay kids in school.

Postcards from Buster, a popular Children's show with an interactive website teaches Children of our differences and the cultural diversity of the United States has been pulled by PBS distribution, due to objections from the President's Cabinet room. Apparently President Bush is not totally obsessed with disenfranchising Americans from their Social security or in developing the Iraq exit plan to notice that a children's program has in one edition, a lesbian couple.

Gay people and what they do with each other has become the President's number one domestic issue. It is so important, that the President mentioned it in the State of the Union Address. He must deal with it, so he can get on with less pressing domestic issues like health care, social security and prescription drugs.

Back to Fox Networks, the attackers of all that is "evil" in America, provide a healthy sampling of that is "evil" themselves. As the writer in the column below points out, Fox delviers a great number of programs that ought to be sprung on us from the proverbial "flashing overcoat".

Could it be Fox is doing this to allow them to pay for all the "news" coverage on their news network. The end justifies the means for Fox and of course James Dobson and his group's version of "holier than thou," are only too happy to play in the same henhouse.

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By Steve Penhollow of The Journal Gazette


Timmy the G said...

Hmmmm...Rick, check out the e-mail I just sent you and see if you don't find it disturbing for our future as well.

Timmy the G said...

Never mind - I just went over to your other blog, Queer Thoughts, and see that you have it covered. Consider yourself linked.

Rick Barnes said...

Thanks Timmy, The Americanisation of Canadian values is well underway, a little push back is needed!