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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Broken Promise # 6 - Support for Women say BC Liberals

Many of us may have forgotten Lynn Stephens, seen as one of the moderates in the Campbell Liberal government. The definition of moderate of course depends on the company you keep. A moderate in the Campbell government is somewhat different from that in the general society.

In her role as Minister of State for Women's Equality, I did have the opportunity to meet with her. I was part of a group that went to Victoria to see what we could get done on HIV/AIDS issues affecting women, with the Minister.

Nice meeting, nice lady, no result.

The Minister then managed to grab headlines in early 2004 when she told the Langley Advance, "Women already have equality, they just have to make choices - such as deciding to "make more money". February 7, 2004

The statement sums up the Liberal view of womens' issues. It was good of Gordon Campbell let the Minister of State for Women's Eqaulity make this policy public.

Read more on the outgoing MLA for Langley at the Langley Advance.

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