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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Broken Promise #1 Update

"One of the most critical aspects of the democratic process is for elected officials to ask questions and debate. However, in B.C., that tradition is being muzzled. In what can only be described as a surprising move, speaker Claude Richmond has drastically limited question period in the Legislature."

editorial from the centre of the "Heartlands"

Thought you could sneak it by us Claude? Bet you forgot some of us out here in the "heartlands" actually hear about what it is you are doing in Victoria. Open and accountable government should likely start with a new speaker, someone who can at least pretend to be non-partisan.

The speaker has shown his bias many times to date, the first blatant example being his refusal to recognise the NDP as Her majesty's Loyal Opposition (official opposition) in 2001 and now he has determined the NDP are too effective in question period so he muzzled them.

Read the Vernon Morning Star editorial here and Haveyouhadenoughyet weighs in suggesting the J Team is too much for the short attention spans of Liberals!

Broken Promise #1