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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lies and more lies - Coquihalla highway for Sale?

In the last election the Campbell Liberals promised not to sell BC Rail. They broke that promise. Campbell promised he was committed to improving public health care and he delivered the largest expansion of privatization in health care in Canadian history.

Living in the Okanagan we put up with a toll on the Coquihalla highway. Campbell tried to sell this highway to the private sector. He said nothing of this plan when he was running for election in 2001. Will he try again after the election? The Coquihalla highway is a public highway and it is bad enough paying a toll to the government, paying an increased toll to a private company will be worse.

This government has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in it's attempt privatization schemes - including $3 million to privatize the Roberts Bank spur line, and $6 million on the Coquihalla. BC Ferries are likely on his list to sell next!

Broken promises, wasted tax dollars, do I trust Campbell? Do you trust him? Think about it.

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