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Friday, February 04, 2005

Basi and LIBs Make News in India

How important is India to BC? The media in India are always keen on what is happening here, thus trade missions to India and the Punjab can pay off.

The BC Liberal Government on the other hand is becoming famous for the wrong reasons. The people involved in the BC Legislative Raids just over a year ago are making news in Kerala.

Kerala India

Three Indo-Canadians face corruption charges:
[World News]: Vancouver, Feb 4 : An indictment filed at the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Canada has charged three former provincial government officials of Indian origin on multiple counts of corruption.

The indictment, which could hit the ruling Liberal Party hard, charged Singh (Dave) Basi and Bobby Singh Virk on 10 counts of accepting bribes, committing fraud and laundering money. You know the rest of the story. You can read more from Kerala here.

Just another Liberal news day

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