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Sunday, February 13, 2005

In-Tuition - a word describing a gut feeling

"We will honour the tuition freeze of the NDP," - Gordon Campbell during the Election in 2001

In-Tuition - a word describing a gut feeling such as; "you just know there is a a broken promise coming from a Campbell Liberal."

FEDs put up some of the money Campbell took away:

Have you ever been to a meeting or out with friends and someone goes on about how good they are? You know the guy, on and on, takes credit for this and that.

Gordon Campbell did it again. The Federal Millennium Scholarship Foundation has made $26 million available to low income students attending post secondary institutions in BC. NOT one cent from the province, all Gordo did was accept the money from Ottawa.

BC has gone from the second lowest tuition costs in Canada to become one of the most expensive. Tuition costs in BC have doubled since 2003.

Vancouver -- The B.C. government and the Millennium Scholarship Foundation are helping students from low-income families with a $26-million bursary program.

The four-year trial program will be in place in time for this fall's school year.

Premier Gordon Campbell said that combined with his government's promise this week to limit tuition increases to the rate of inflation, the program is one more step in helping students go to university or college.

The Millennium Foundation is funding the bursary program. It will pay about $2,000 in tuition for each of 2,800 students from low-income families.

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