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Friday, February 11, 2005

Broken Promise # 1

Open, honest and accountable government?

Gordon Campbell and the Liberals promised open, honest and accountable government in a new era for BC.

The three member NDP trounced the Campbell Government on Wednesday. With one more MLA they were better able to hold the government accountable. The Liberals were embarrassed by the small three member NDP caucus so they did what anyone who is a bully, they changed the rules.

Speaker, Liberal MLA and former Socred Cabinet Minister, Claude Richmond decided to do what no other Speaker has ever done in question period since it was established in the BC Legislature in 1972. Richmond put a time limit on each question the opposition asks the government.

Question period is 15 minutes, four days a week. It is the only time the opposition can demand answers from the government. Every other minute of the Legislatures' business is determined by the Government.

Open, Honest and Accountable was the Promise of Gordon Campbell, Claude Richmond and the Liberals. Today was a sad day for BC Democracy, even with a majority of 73 to 3, the Liberals are feeling the heat. No wonder Liberal MLA, Speaker Richmond stepped in to throw water on the oppositions efforts.

CBC has more ... and Public Eye Online Pokes Shirley Bond, Health Minister for no show...

Broken Promise # 1

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