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Friday, February 18, 2005

Broken Promise #17 Education Update

Island residents not happy

BC's Public education has suffered major cuts since the Campbell Liberal's were elected.

113 schools have been closed, programs that support school libraries, arts and sports classes eliminated, ESL classes reduced and increased class sizes. The list is long.

Smaller rural districts are facing an even tougher time due to budget cut backs. These areas are suffering with a lagging economy and have seen student enrollments fall. The Liberals have cut their funding as a result, so school districts have been agonising over the cuts that are being forced on them by the Ministry of Education budget, set by the Liberals.

Some districts were forced to close smaller rural schools, meaning the children spend an hour or more on a bus to and from school each day. Other districts have cut teachers, school bus routes and activities. On the Gulf Islands the school board has brought in a four day school week.

The four day week creates a number of problems, the first being a longer day for students, the second being parents requiring extra child care. Tough luck on the child care part, the Liberals cut that program too.

Read more at Keep Five Alive .

It is time for people to get involved in BC politics. We cannot allow the Campbell Liberals to walk into another term without a fight.
How many Broken Promises does it take to be a Campbell Liberal ?

We don't know, they are still

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