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Friday, March 11, 2005

MLA Lorne "Saint Bernard" Mayencourt?

The Westender reported Mayencourt gave away a cheque to the Canadian Avalanche Foundation on behalf of the government. Here is the way the popular local Westend free rag put it...

"A heli of a long way down in an effort to mollify his miserly public image, MLA Lorne "Saint Bernard" Mayencourt presented the Canadian Avalanche Foundation with a cheque for $125 000 recently. Citizens may take comfort in the fact that those who can afford heliski-ing vacations and mountaineering tours will now receive public funds in order to learn just how dangerous these activities are.

CAF spokesperson Justin Trudeau was on hand to receive the rather liberal handout from the Liberals. Luckily, Mayencourt's Robson Street office did not enforce its Safe Streets Act, and Trudeau was not charged with "aggressive panhandling." Not aggressive, just eggregious."

Just a couple of questions here,

Why would Lorne Mayencourt, the MLA for Vancouver-Burrard be chosen to present such a cheque and not an MLA from the Kootenays? That's just dumb.

What does the Westender have against Saint Bernards? Expect the Canadian Kennel Club to demand an apology from the Westender!

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