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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Premier Campbell makes health info available to FBI

In my search this day on news in the blogger world on Gordon Campbell I found caterwauler.

caterwauler wrote this on the Campbell Liberal Government's privatisation of health records, in December, 2004. He asks some pointed questions, ones we should consider as the election nears.

How did so many in that provincial government agree to sell us out? Did we elect traitors? Do they have a secret web of sinister intent? Is there no integrity among them? How is it that these ministers all stand by like cud-munching cows while we are betrayed by Gordon Campbell? Do they have no pride in British Columbians?

You can also check out:
Right to Privacy Campaign BCPWA calls MAXIMUS deal a betrayal of thousands of HIV-positive British Columbians and a dangerous rejection of the considered advice of the Privacy Commissioner – see news release. [ News Release ] [ Privacy Commissioner Report ] [ Campaign Website ] [ More Information ]

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