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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clean out back room money from BC politics!

Want to clean out the back room money deals in politics. The things that make you wonder if there is a connection with what the government does after they are elected and wonder if there is a connection to who donated to that government?

Here is an example: Forest Companies in BC have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the BC Liberal party since 2000. What do these private companies have to gain or desire from the Liberals that motivates them to financially support them in such a large way.

Would they want the government to reduce their taxes, maybe remove the requirement that logs cut down in a community be milled in that community or is it fewer government inspectors. I am sure that a forest company doesn't really care about "good policy" beyond that which allows them to produce more each year, they are looking for three things, cheap skilled labour, low taxes, and few limitations on how they do their business. They have one private mission, profits for shareholders.

More examples coming in the weeks ahead. Tomorrow the Insurance business and their not so secret mission to force ICBC into irrelevancy.

In the interim if you agree with ending corporate and union donations and limiting third party advertising during an election do what I just did. I just signed this petition to get big money out of BC politics and thought you may like to do the same.

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