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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gordon Campbell's Polak awaits annointment in Langley

Mary Polak has been waiting to be officially declared the BC Liberal candidate since Christ arrived in Langley. Maybe not that long but the nomination was held March 9 and the Liberals are just getting it straightened out. Polak lost in the Surrey byelection last fall and felt she needed safer territory and Gordon Campbell gave her his blessings.

Polak won March 9 in Langley (Her new home to be) by four votes on the fifth ballot. Not such a ringing endorsement for one that is seen as a Liberal star.

Polak's nomination brings "way out" into the open the rise of the social conservatives in the Campbell Liberal gang. The loss of the likes of Collins, Clark, Stephens, Plant and a few others is creating a huge hole in the Campbell Liberal Government. The hole is being filled up with the likes of long time social conservative Rich Coleman and Mary Polak.

The Liberals did make an attempt to cover over this social conservative take over in getting Carole Taylor to run in Liberal safe Vancouver Langara. Taylor of course is the wife of former Vancouver Mayor Art Phillips who employed Gordon Campbell as an executive assistant for a period of time. Campbell then went onto be one of Vancouver's most polarizing mayors.

The question remains, did Gordon have some old debts to repay here and how much money was spent to pay off nomination costs of McCormick and Clarke both of whom withdrew from a heated nomination battle for one of the surest routes to Victoria for a Liberal, the Vancouver Langara constituency, to make room for Taylor.

Back to Langley where the anti-choice and homophobic Polak will get the news sometime this day that she is the Campbell anointed one. A prediction from Langley Liberal Jordan ....

"My prophecy: Polak by four, on the fifth count. Just like March 9. The system works."
- Jordan the purveyor of all things Liberal and Conservative at Langley Politics blog

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