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Friday, March 11, 2005

Plant, Basi, Basi and Virk

Update: March 11, 2005 Campbell Liberal officials face Breach of Trust trial this fall.

Dave Basi, his cousin Aneal Basi and Robert Virk charged in the infamous raid on the BC legislature may go to trial this September. The breach-of-trust case involves the sale of BC Rail and allegations of bribery and influence peddling.

No that's not a new law firm but they are all connected through the BC Liberals.

What a day it will be for the BC Liberals.

Dave Basi, Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk, former BC Government aides are in B.C. Supreme Court to swear to direct indictments on fraud, breach of trust and bribery charges stemming from the raid on the legislature.

Geoff Plant the last "moderate" leaves politics and the BC Health Coalition Seniors' Working Group holds a press conference to highlighting the Liberal governments dismal record with respect to seniors healthcare.

Ironic that Plant announces his resignation on the same day Liberals involved in the Legislative raid scandal are formally brought into court!

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(Dave) Basi and Bobby Singh Virk on 10 counts of accepting bribes, committing fraud and laundering
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to court asap. Former finance minister Gary Collins top political appointee, David Basi, will face six charges, including breach of trust, fraud and influence peddling. Like Basi, Collins..., at least in the name. [IMG] David Basi Bob Virk was the ministerial assistant to now former From the Heartlands 4 links from 4 sources

BC Legislature Raid - Clark, Collins and Reid... 52 days ago asks about David Basi and Bob Virk, "Why were they not vetted prior to their appointment?" The obvious answer is political expediency. Basi was able to deliver "bums in the seats." Both... in this matter. " We learn now that Basi was rejected at least once before for employment by the Liberals

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