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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Campbell support for Polak not well received

Its not over for the Liberals in Langley. Hurt feelings all around and head office meddling has some calling the nomination of Mary Polak a joke. Polak won the nomination on March 9, 2005 by four votes after going five rounds.

Some of the candidates have asked for a recount as the anybody but Mary round has begun. The recount could change things as the method used by the liberals is confusing even for those voting. Counting it is even more confusing. Seems the yet to be transplanted Polak has ticked off more than a few in Langley.

All of this reaction to Polak should not surprise anyone that has followed her rise to fame. Mary has even managed to tick off family members with her attitude and approach to politics which is very much "take no prisoners" style.

You can read more on the Langley uproar at Langley Politics. This is a site run by a diehard Campbell Liberal and he has a way of getting to the bottom of stuff.

I hope they go with Mary Polak. It can only help moderate BC candidates in other parties in the next election if the Liberals are willing to accept Polak who is anything but moderate.

The liberal riding feels Campbell and Kevin Falcon set the stage for Polak, delayed the nomination meeting so she could sign up members and then after the nomination meeting the Liberal Party president refused to meet with the runner up. Any doubt that Mary was anointed?

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